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Conferences & Workshops

On this page we list events for the scientific community:

October, 6-7 Meeting of the Subgroup "Intermetallic and oxide systems with spin and charge correlations" of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kristallwachstum und Kristallzüchtung e. V. ( German Society for Crystal Growth), IFW Dresden
October, 4-5 Kick-off Meeting THERMOS "Tellurium-Free Thermoelectric Modules by Interface Engineering", IFW Dresden
September 26 -27 19. GDS-Anwendertreffen, IFW Dresden (Flyer PDF)
Aug 30 - Sept 1 Joint Workshop IFW Dresden – S.N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences „Novel Magnetic and Topological Quantum Materials“ (Flyer PDF)
Aug 29 - Sept 2 BIOREMIA Summer School, Ioannina / Greece
June 28 Netzwerktreffen Additive-Drahtbasierte Fertigung: WirePrint // VEMAS-Anwenderworkshop, IFW Dresden
June 1 UKRAPRO Workshop: Condensed matter science assisted by machine learning, IFW Dresden
Mai 31 4rd UKRATOP Workshop: Topological Phenomena in Quantum Materials, IFW Dresden
April 6-7 First Face to Face Meeting: Project "Sound of Ice", IFW Dresden
Oct. 14-15    SAW Symposium
Oct. 14 Farewell Colloquium for Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt
Oct. 10-14 BIOREMIA Workshop "Science Communication and Presentation Skills", Dresden
Sept. 13-14 International Conference "Frustrated Magnetism and Topology", IFW Dresden
May 25-28 Nature Conference: Microrobots and Nanorobots for Biotechnology (Virtual Conference)
March 26 3rd UKRATOP Workshop (Online-Event)
Dec.  7-11 BeMagic PhD Training Workshop (Online-Event)
Oct. 15-16    SAW Symposium 2020, postponed to fall 2021

June 29 - July 1

 UKRATOP Days at IFW with reports of fellowship holders, virtual lab tours and workshop on "Topological Phenomena in Quantum Materials"
June 2-5 

nature conference: Microrobots and Nanorobots for Biotechnology, DGUV Akademie Dresden, Germany (postponed to May 25-28, 2021)

March 15-20 DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Dresden (cancelled)
Feb. 10-11 

Sächsischer Forschungs- und Vernetzungs-workshop »Thermoelektrische Anwendungen in der Industrie«, Meißen

Jan. 23-24 BIOREMIA Kick-off Meeting, IFW Dresden
Sept. 25-27 Annual IFW Summer School for PhD students in Szczecin, Polan

Sept. 15-20


ECASIA19: 18th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis

Sept. 13-20

 Summer School Spectroelectrochemistry, IFW Dresden
May 20-21 International Workshop "Topology meets materials – Weizmann meets Dresden", IFW Dresden
March 28-29 

International Workshop "Quantum Dynamics, Transport, and Exotic Orders: Strolling among Spins and Strong Correlations", IFW Dresden

March 28-29 Joint workshop of BAM Berlin and IFW Dresden, IFW Dresden

Dec. 4-5

 UKRATOP Workshop, IFW Dresden

Oct. 1-2


SAW Symposium, Westin Bellevue Dresden, Dresden, Germany

Aug. 28-30 Spin , waves & interactions 2018, Greifswald, Germany

April 8-11


667. WE-Heraeus-Seminar on System-oriented approach to thermoelectrics: Materials – Interfaces – Devices in Bad Honnef, Germany

March 11-16


Joint Conference of the Condensed Matter Divisions of the DPG and EPS,

  • Session "Geometry and Topology-Controlled Nanoarchitectures", organized by Prof. Dr. V. Fomin, IFW Dresden
  • Symposium “Topology in Condensed Matter Physics (SYTO)”, co-organizer Prof. Dr. Jeroen van den Brink, IFW Dresden
  • Symposium “Voltage Control of Functional Interfaces: Magneto-ionic Meet Memristive Systems (SYVC)”, Co-organizer Dr. Karin Leistner, IFW Dresden

Feb. 1


Workshop of the DFG Priority Programme 1458 “High Temperature Superconductivity in Iron Pnictides“, IFW Dresden

Jan.  29-31


EPSQMat 2018: International Workshop on Electron and photon spectroscopies of quantum materials: status and perspectives, IFW Dresden

Lectures this week

Thursday 08.12.2022
German-Ukrainian Seminar on Quantum Materials11:00
Location IFW Dresden D2E.27
Speaker Jeroen van den Brink
Topic How surfaces Berry-curve Bloch-electrons
In recent years it has become clear that electronic Berry curvature (BC) is a key concept to understand and predict physical properties of crystalline materials. A wealth of interesting Hall-type responses in charge, spin and heat transport are caused by the BC associated to electronic bands inside a solid: anomalous Hall effects in magnetic materials, and various nonlinear Hall and Nernst effects in non-magnetic systems that lack inversion symmetry.
However, for the largest class of known materials –-non-magnetic ones with inversion symmetry–- electronic BC is strictly zero. Here we show that precisely for these bulk BC-free materials, a finite BC can emerge at their surfaces and interfaces. This immediately activates certain surfaces in producing Hall-type transport responses.
We demonstrate this by first principles calculations of the BC at bismuth, mercury-telluride (HgTe) and rhodium surfaces of various symmetries, revealing the presence of a surface Berry curvature dipole and associated quantum nonlinear Hall effects at a number of these. This opens up a plethora of materials to explore and harness the physical effects emerging from the electronic Berry curvature associated exclusively to their boundaries.

Invited by Dr. Dmitriy Efremov
Contact Dr. Silvia Seiro

Thursday 08.12.2022
IMW-PhD Seminar 15:00
Location Hörsaal, IFW Dresden A1E.10
Speaker Maksim Naumochkin
Topic Development of the Thin-Film micro-Thermoelectric Device
Invited by Prof. Kornelius Nielsch

Lectures next week

Wednesday 14.12.2022
Location IFW Dresden, Helmholtzsr. 20 Hörsaal
Speaker Congcong Liu
Topic Kinetic processes in batteries: Quantitativ diffusion and capacitive storage analysis for nano-electrodes Introduction to: Galvanostatic intermittent titration and the Dunn method
Invited by Prof. Dr. Jens Freudenberger
Contact Brit Präßler-Wüstling

Thursday 15.12.2022
Location Hörsaal, IFW Dresden A1E.10
Speaker Vorstand
Topic Jahresrückblick und Ausblick
Invited by
Contact Dr. Carola Langer

Thursday 15.12.2022
Location Hörsaal, IFW Dresden A1E.10
Speaker Peter Joehnk
Topic (Bau-) Geschichten aus dem IFW Dresden
Invited by
Contact Dr. Carola Langer

Thursday 15.12.2022
Location Hörsaal, IFW Dresden A1E.10
Speaker Frank Stefani
Topic Is the Sun’s dynamo clocked by the planets?
Invited by
Contact Dr. Carola Langer

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