Policy for Knowledge und Technology Transfer

In accordance to the motto of the Leibniz Association "Theoria cum Praxi", the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden combines basic research and application. Thus, we are strongly promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology. The knowledge gained at the institute is published and actively transferred into economy and society through various transfer instruments. Hence underlining the great importance of exploitation of the knowledge generated by basic research for us.

The economic potential of technically applicable inventions is assessed by internal processes and external expertise. In case of a positive evaluation, employee inventions are claimed and protected by patents. We offer property rights for industrial use primarily to regional, national and European companies so that ideas and findings can be effective as innovations to strengthen the economy and contribute to securing work and prosperity. Property rights are maintained as long as there is a reasonable prospect of exploitation.

The multi-stage path to innovation begins with the invention or observation followed by explanation of a functional principle and finalized by with its application and market entrance. Along this path, partnerships with science and industry are of great importance for the IFW. The IFW is open for research contracts from industry fitting to our expertise and corresponding to our mission. If necessary, we ensure a confidential treatment of the know-how. We cooperate in various ways with national and international partners for mutual benefit and guarantee the cooperation partners an appropriate benefit from the results and property rights obtained.


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