scientist working on synthesis of carbon nano tubes

IFW as Employer

Gender Equality

The IFW promotes equal opportunity for women and men in academia and endeavours to increase the portion of women, especially with regard to leadership positions. Since 2002, there has been an elected and appointed equal opportunity commissioner. The current equal opportunity commissioner is Dr. Anke Kirchner.

The IFW has implemented an  agreement on equal opportunity for women and men in accordance with the DFG’s standards of gender equality. We report regulary  to the president's office of the Leibniz Association  regarding status and progress achieved.

Confirmation of the Gender Equality Plan (English, PDF)

International guest scientists and foreign employees

We support our foreign employees and guest scientists in preparing for their stay in Germany and during their time here. The secretaries of IFW Institutes help them to complete the formalities for foreign visitors (visa and residency permit) and other dealings with official offices.

In cooperation with the Welcome center of TU Dresden we help to arrange for social security insurance cover, to open a bank account and to find a place to live.

In addition, we offer regular German language courses to non-German speaking employees and English language courses for technicians and service staff.

Work-life balance

The IFW  is striving for a high degree of family-friendly personnel policy in order to support all employees in their balance of work and family life. Since 2007 the IFW has been accomplished and lived the "audit berufundfamilie" certificate. The following activities are offered to all employees in order to improve the compatibility of family, care and work:

  • Flexible working time: flexible working hours, part-time work, parental leave, fostering/caring time
  • Family-friendly organization of training courses, scientific colloquia and seminars
  • Providing support of individual solutions for a compatibility of family and work, in particular advice on "career and family" and "care of family members"
  • Health services
  • Preferential granting of holiday for families with school-age children during school vacation time 
  • Places in kindergartens are reserved in various day-care centers
  • Parent-child office, nursery and baby-care room
  • VVO-Job ticket