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The IFW Dresden is a non-profit research institute in the legal form of a registered association. The purpose of the association is fundamental and applied research in the fields of solid state and materials research as well as the training of young scientists and staff. The IFW’s statutory organs are the Executive Board, the Board of Trustees, the Scientific Advisory Board and the General Meeting. The IFW is organized in five Institutes and the departments Research Technology and Administration.

Executive Board

The IFW is led by an Executive Board consisting of the Scientific Director and the Administrative Director who are in charge of IFW as a whole. They report to the Board of Trustees and are adviced  by the Scientific Advisory Board. Internally they are advised by the Board of Directors.

Scientific Director

Administrative Director

Juliane Schmidt
+49 (0) 351 4659 200

IFW Institutes

The scientific work of the IFW Dresden is organisationally structured into five IFW Institutes, each headed by an Institute Director that is jointly appointed as full professor at Technische Universität Dresden. Research teams of all five IFW Institutes work together in the joint IFW Research Program.


Department Administration

Head: Juliane Schmidt
+49 (0) 351 4659 200

The Department Adminstration includes:

  • Finance and Controlling
  • Funding and Cooperation
  • Human Resources
  • Purchase and Disposal
  • IFW Library

Department Research Technology

Head: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lindackers
+49 (0) 351 4659 580

The Research Technology Department has cross-sectional character. It supports the IFW Institutes with the realization of unique research facility and equipment in cases where such equipment is not commercially available. Usually, our scientific experiments require equipment that ensures the highest precision in movements and measurements in extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Additionally, the research technology department runs the IT infrastructure of IFW Dresden.

Staff units

Assistant to the Scientific Director

Dr. Carola Langer
+49 (0) 351 4659 234

Assistant to the Administrative Director // Compliance

Stefan Leipnitz
+49 (0) 351 4659 876

Legal Department


Technology Transfer

Dr. Udo Krause
+49 (0) 351 4659 155

Research Controlling and Data Management

Dr. Uwe Siegel
+49 (0) 351 4659 424


Patricia Bäuchler
+49 (0) 351 4659 249

Internal Audit

N. N.

Safety and Environment

Uwe Schmiel
+49 (0) 351 4659 359

Internal bodies & representatives

Labor Council

Head: Dr. Hans-Joachim Grafe

Scientific Technical Council

Head: Dr. Heiko Reith

Ombudsperson for good scientific practice

Dr. Manuel Richter

Deputy: Prof. Dr. Jens Freudenberger


Equal opportunities commissioner

Severely disabled representative

Data Security Officer