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Press Releases 2022

Variable optical Berry phase observed in Möbius ring microcavities


First experimental observation of optical variable Berry phase for linearly or elliptically polarized resonating light

Julia Kristin Hufenbach appointed to new professorship at TU Bergakademie Freiberg


On January 1, 2023, Julia Kristin Hufenbach will become Professor of Development and Functionalization of metallic materials at TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to a new year full of exciting research.

Synthetic black holes radiate, just like the real ones


Research led by the IFW Dresden and the University of Amsterdam demonstrates that elusive radiation coming from black holes can be studied by mimicking it in the lab.

Career Day on 5 November


IFW Dresden will present internship and training opportunities at the Dresden Transport Museum. Admission to the museum is free on Career Day!

Excellent training degree


Two IFW apprentices finish their training as best of the year

Science Speeddating with "Book a Scientist"


The IFW Dresden participates with two experts in the popular Science Speeddating.

Key factor Nernst effect in high temperature superconductors


Nematic fluctuations indispensable for increasing critical temperature in iron-based superconductors

Effect of strain and curvature on magnetic anisotropy


Self-assembly as a tool to study microscale curvature and strain-dependent magnetic properties

Endowed CEOS professorship for electron optics appointed


Prof. Axel Lubk took up the position on August 1, 2022 and will establish a laboratory for next generation transmission electron microscopy.

Prize for IFW spin-off project µAcoustiX


An IFW start-up team won the Cluster Prize Life Sciences of the IQ Innovation Competition Middle Germany 2022. for a new technique using acoustic waves for blood plasma separation.



On Friday, between 5 pm and midnight, the 19th DRESDEN SCIENCE NIGHT will take place. We are looking forward to interested guests.

Micro-thermoelectric devices


New review article of IFW authors in the journal "nature elctronics" on recent developments in the field of thermoelectrics

Numerical modeling of topological transitions


New dynamical states and topological transitions in superconducting nanotubes revealed

Novel 3D printing-based strategy to design new titanium alloy implants


Additive manufacturing aided design for novel biocompatible mechanical and corrosion properties of titanium alloys for implant applications

Fostering Indo-German cooperation in the field of “Novel Magnetic and Topological Quantum Materials”


Indian Cabinet confirms Memorandum of Understanding between S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, and IFW Dresden for scientific cooperation

Start of the DRESDEN-concept research group “Micro and nano-Biosystems”


Mariana Medina-Sánchez joins B CUBE as a DRESDEN-concept research group leader

Cool! And not toxic.


Robust thermoelectric module without tellurium paves the way for sustainable power generation and cooling near room temperature


Funding for THERMOS


The Research project for tellurium-free thermoelectric modules by interface engineering receives funding from the State of Saxony and the EU

Outstanding Paper Award for the publication on 3D Skyrmions


The Outstanding Paper Award 2021 for Materials Science of the European Microscopy Society (EMS) goes to…

New magnetic splitting effect


Experimental evidence for emergency of Fermi arcs due to magnetic splitting in an antiferromagnet

Top marks for scientific work of IFW Dresden


Positive evaluation of IFW Dresden by the Senate of the Leibniz Association secures funding for another seven years

Scholarships for Ukrainian scientists


Russia’s aggression on Ukraine strongly effects science and scientific cooperation. Scholarship UKRAPRO offers fellowships for Ukrainian scientists

IFW staff sent an open letter for support of Ukraine


About 170 employees signed an open letter which strongly condemns the war against Ukraine and call for further help for affected scientists.

Superconductivity in curved 3D nanoarchitectures


Superconducting screening currents in curved 3D nanoarchitectures reveal new effects in the dynamics of topological defects of the superconducting order parameter.

We participate in the fair KarriereStart


The fair for education, jobs and start-ups will take place from March 11 to 13. You will find the IFW Dresden in Hall 1.

Help for Ukrainian scientists


Russia’s aggression on Ukraine strongly effects science and scientific cooperation. IFW Dresden has taken special measures to provide concrete support in the current emergency.

Solidarity with Ukraine


The Alliance of Science Organizations draws consequences for science. The IFW's own institute measures are currently being prepared.

Annual Report 2021 has been published


We hope you enjoy reading. The link will open a PDF file.

Quantum Magnetism


New measurements strengthen the case for a topological spin liquid phase in ruthenium trichloride

International Day of Women and Girls in Science


On the occasion of this day, we talked to a female scientist about her career in science.

Quantum physics explained simply!


IFW junior scientist Teresa Tschirner answers questions about quantum physics in an explanatory video of the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat.

ERC Starting Grant for Yizhi You


Dr. Yizhi You from the University of Oxford, has successfully applied an ERC Starting Grant to join the IFW Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics.