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The Institute for Solid State Research provides a dynamic and diverse environment for the training of undergraduate and graduate students. We offer a hands-on research training, combined with courses and workshops within high-level scientific research projects. The realization of a binational PhD (cotutelle de these) is possible.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals from the fields of physics, chemistry, material science, and engineering.

Student Assistant (SHK) in the research team "Functional crystals on the nanoscale"


  • Focus: Synthesis of heteroanionic solid-state materials via chemical vapour phase transport (CVT) or solid-state reaction
  • Preparation of experiments in the glovebox
  • Characterization of samples by XRD, SEM/EDX, AFM, TEM, SQUID


The field of activity comprises scientific investigations in the research area of functional solid state materials. The focus is on the synthesis of mixed anion compounds. The combination of several anions offers a novel and versatile method for the further development of inorganic materials. In the current interdisciplinary project, the fundamental understanding between structure and material properties will be broken down. Due to the innovative material design, improved material properties are expected (e.g. superconductors), which will open up exciting application-oriented research areas or lead directly to an application (e.g. photocatalysis).

What we offer:

  • Research and work experience in a renowned international research institution
  • Collaboration in the DFG research project "mixed anion compounds”
  • an open and friendly work atmosphere
  • flexible hours that allow you to balance your work and study activities
  • leeway to develop your own interests and skill

Your profile:

  • (basic) knowledge of the above-mentioned methods of analysis or motivation to learn them
  • conscientious performance and evaluation of experiments
  • students in the field of: chemistry, physics or materials science


If you are interested, please send a short email (+ CV) to Dr. Nico Gräßler

(auf Deutsch)


All current job offers at IFF and other IFW institutes can be found here.

In the framework of our student program we offer student apprenticeships (studentische Hilfskräfte) and hands-on training in our research teams. Please contact Prof. Bernd Büchner or the group leader working in the field of your interest. You will actively work on one of our current research topics and gain valuable experience in experimental solid state physics.

Our ongoing research activities always generate interesting and challenging research topics which can be addressed in the framework of a bachelor, master or diploma work. We offer diploma and master works in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials research and engineering for students from universities as well as from universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen).

In your bachelor, master or diploma work you will be trained by means of targeted research on an up-to-date problem of current solid state research. The involved staff members of the Institute for Solid State Research guarantee an excellent training and support in a specific experimental technique. For further information about possible bachelor, master and diploma topics we invite you to contact Prof. Bernd Büchner or the group leader working in the field of your interest.

The Institute for Solid State Research runs an ambitious PhD program which combines outstanding basic science education with training in state-of-the-art experimental techniques. We offer PhD topics mainly in the field of physics and chemistry, but also of materials sciences and electrical engineering. Usually, open positions evolve from our daily research activities and are filled on the short term. We therefore invite applicants at any time to submit their CV and a description of their research interests to Prof. Büchner or to a contact person of the respective research topic.

In several projects we offer Post Doc positions for usually 6 months to 3 years in which experienced scientists can join our research activities.  Please contact  Prof. Büchner or the responsible of the research area you are interested in.

Your data, which you send to us via your application documents, will be processed by us for the purpose of making a decision about the position, in accordance with § 26 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG [neu]). For this purpose, it may also be forwarded internally to the employees responsible (e.g. division heads). There is no processing for other purposes or transmission to third parties.

Learn more about data protection at IFW here.

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