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Seminars Day Petaspin/IEEE Magnetics Society Italian Chapter - Fri 21st January, 2.20 pm

Kevin Garello, Spintec, France

“SOT-MRAM: fundamentals and perspectives”

Jonatan Sun, IBM Research, USA

“Recent progress in magnetic tunnel junctions for advanced computing”

Tiffany Santos, Western Digital, USA – IEEE Distinguish Lecturer 2022

“Spins, Bits, and Flips: Essentials for High-Density Magnetic Random-Access Memory”

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IFMP Seminar - Tue Januar 25th 2022 - 14:50

Terahertz and Optical Spintronics in Ferro- and Antiferromag­nets

Lukáš Nádvorník

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SFB 1143 Retreat Meeting - Feb 9th 2022 09:00

Preliminary Schedule

WedFeb 9 
9:00M. VojtaRetreat meeting opening
9:05S. Zherlitsyn

Magnetoelastic interactions in frustrated magnets: Recent results and future plans

9:30                              Discussion
9:40T. DoertDiluting a quantum spin liquid: NaYb1-xLuxS2
10:05 Discussion
10:15J. GeckTemperature-driven reorganization of electronic order in CsV3Sb5
10:40 Discussion
10:50 Break
11:10S. ZhangA quantum spin ice model for the dipolar-octupolar pyrochlore Ce2Zr2O7
11:35 Discussion
11:45J. Budich

Exceptional quasi-particles

12:10 Discussion
12:20 Lunch break
13:30A. KnollClassification of band touchings based on magnetic point groups for spin-1/2 quasiparticles
13:55 Discussion
14:05A. CorticelliSpin-space groups and magnon band topology
14:30 Discussion
14:40A. Lubk

Resolving topological and chiral magnetic textures in three dimensions

15:05 Discussion
15:15 Break
15:35C. FelserAntiferromagnets with large Nernst effect
16:00 Discussion
16:10H.-H. Klauss

Frustrated superconductivity and fluctuation induced phases in multiband systems: Sr2RuO4 and Ba1-xKxFesAs2

16:35 Discussion
16:45 End of meeting
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