Seminars at IFF

Tuesday 20.12.2022
Location IFW Dresden D2E.31
Speaker Audrey D. Grockowiak
Topic Extreme conditions experiments in strongly correlated systems

High pressure environments are challenging, but often prove to generate high risk and high reward experiments. As the megabar pressure range is approached, and the success (and diamond survival) rates go down, a multi-probe approach becomes crucial to optimize the scientific throughput of an experiment. Some samples investigated at lower pressure may also require simultaneous high pressure measurements, in order to obtain data set in experimentally identical conditions of pressure, temperature and applied magnetic field.
After an introduction to high pressure techniques, I will present some results of high pressure transport measurements on YBCO investigating its Fermi surface in pulsed magnetic fields, revisiting its overdoped side.
I will then present our work in a diamond anvil cell on a lanthanum-based superhydride superconductor, in the megabar regime at high temperature.

Invited by Prof. Dr. Bernd Büchner
Contact Rita Taubert

Thursday 19.01.2023
Gemeinsames ITF-/IFF-Seminar11:00
Location Hörsaal, IFW Dresden A1E.10
Speaker Giniyat Khaliullin
Topic Magnetoelastic effects in spin-orbit entangled Mott insulators
Invited by Dr. Vladislav Kataev

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