an array of rolled up nanomembranes

The IFW Clean Room

The development and manufacturing of nanostructures in microelectronic, quantum materials and sensor- or MicroBot technology is necessarily under cleanroom conditions. The IFW provides a large and outstanding cleanroom facility to push forward research in the fields of Nanotech and other research areas.



Head of Cleanroom:
Ronny Engelhard
Office:  B EG.14
Phone: +49 (0) 351 4659 655

Clean Room Processing

Micro- & nanolithography:
e-Beam-Litho (EBL), various optical mask- & maskless aligners

Thin film deposition:
ALD (oxides), CVD (SiNx, SiO2, SiC, Si), PVD (metals)

Dry etching:
RIEs (Cl + F), (R)IBE, XeF2 (Si, Ge etching), reactive plasma

Sample treatment:
Substrates: Si, Si/SiO2, SiO2, glass wafer - dicing, cleaning, annealing, wet etching, bonding

Sample characterisation:
Film thickness & stress, SEM, FIB, AFM, microscopes (2D, 3D), probestations