Microstructuring Lab

In the microstructuring laboratory (MST Lab) we develop micro devices for application and transport characterization. We offer lithographic processes for individual patterning of micro- and nanostructures, periodic structures and lithographic batch processing. In addition to the deposition of contact materials it is possible to synthesize functional materials by sputtering or thermal evaporation within the MST Lab. Scientists profit from well-established microstructuring processes including reactive ion etching, KOH etching, lift-off, positive, negative and image reversal processes in combination with physical vapor deposition. Structural characterization and functional tests can be performed in the MST Lab using light microscopes, surface profilometry and a probe station with AC and DC measurement equipment. The MST Lab is an open user facility for scientist of the IFW. Users can operate the devices independently after undergoing a safety briefing. Scientific and technical support is available on request. 


  • Laser writer µPG 101 (Heidelberg Instruments)
  • Talbot lithography Eulitha Phabler 100
  • Wet bench
  • Several Polos spin coaters and Präzitherm hot plates
  • Light microscopes (Leica DM 2700M, Olympus BX53M, Nikon SMZ 745T)
  • Sputter coater TORR CRC622 (DC, RF, plasma cleaning)
  • Thermal evaporator Ångstrom Covap (4 source, co-deposition)
  • Reactive Ion Etcher Sentech Etchlab 200 (CF4, CHF3, O2, Ar)
  • Plasma cleaner Diener ATTO
  • Surface profilometer Bruker Dektak XT
  • Mechatronis probe station

Scientist in Charge

Dr. Heiko Reith

Department Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
Room D1E.10
Phone: +49 351 4659 741