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Name Krautz, Dr. Maria
Department Alloy Development and Process Technologies
Position Group leader Technologies for Functional Materials
Phone Number +49-351-4659-669
Email m.krautz(at)ifw-dresden.de

Journal Papers

B. Paul, A. Hofmann, S. Weinert, F. Frank, U. Wolff, M. Krautz, J. Edelmann, M.W. Gee, C. Reeps, J. Hufenbach
Effect of blasting treatments on the surface topography and cell adhesion on biodegradable FeMn-based stents processed by laser powder bed fusion
Advanced Engineering Materials 1-17 (2022) URL

M. Calin, J. Vishnu, P. Thirathipviwat, M.-M. Popa, M. Krautz, G. Manivasagam, A. Gebert
Tailoring biocompatible Ti-Zr-Nb-Hf-Si metallic glasses based on high-entropy alloys design approach
Materials Science and Engineering C 121, 111733/1-7 (2021) URL

J. Cwik, Y. Koshkid’Ko, M. Małecka, B. Weise, M. Krautz, A. Mikhailova, N. Kolchugina
Magnetocaloric prospects of mutual substitutions of rare-earth elements in pseudobinary Tb1-xHoxNi2 compositions (x = 0.25-0.75)
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 886, 161295/ (2021) URL

T. Samanta, B. Weise, L. Beyer, M. Krautz
Hydrostatic pressure induced giant enhancement of entropy change as driven by structural transition in Mn0.9Fe0.2Ni0.9Ge0.93Si0.07
Journal of Applied Physics 129, 023901/1-6 (2021) URL

L. Beyer, B. Weise, J. Freudenberger, J. Hufenbach, T. Gottschall, M. Krautz
Evaluation of the effective temperature change in Gd-based composite wires assessed by static and pulsed-field magnetic measurements
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 536, 168115/1-6 (2021) URL

M. Krautz, L. Beyer, A. Funk, A. Waske, B. Weise, J. Freudenberger, T. Gottschall
Predicting the dominating factors during heat transfer in magnetocaloric composite wires
Materials and Design 193, 108832/1-7 (2020) URL

N. Perez Rodriguez, C. Wolf, A. Kunzmann, J. Freudenberger, M. Krautz, B. Weise, K. Nielsch, G. Schierning
Entropy of Conduction Electrons from Transport Experiments
Entropy 22, 244/1-8 (2020) URL

G. Potnis, M. Krautz, A. Waske, J. Das, J. Eckert
Assessing two rapid quenching techniques for the production of La‐Fe‐Si magnetocaloric alloys in reduced annealing time
Material Design & Processing Communications e96, 1-9 (2019) URL

O. Glushko, A. Funk, V. Maier-Kiner, P. Kraker, M. Krautz, J. Eckert, A. Waske
Mechanical properties of the magnetocaloric intermetallic LaFe11.2Si1.8 alloy at different length scales
Acta Materialia 165, 40-50 (2019) URL

M. Krautz, M. Beyer, C. Jäschke, L. Schinke, A. Waske, J. Seifert
A Magnetocaloric Booster Unit for Energy-Efficient Air-Conditioning
Crystals 9, 76/1-15 (2019) URL

A. Funk, J. Freudenberger, A. Waske, M. Krautz
Getting magnetocaloric materials into good shape: Cold-working of La(Fe, Co, Si)13 by powder-in-tube-processing
Materials Today Energy 9, 223-228 (2018) URL

K. Sellschopp, B. Weise, M. Krautz, F. Cugini, M. Solzi, L. Helmich, A. Huetten, A. Waske
Interfacial Thermal Resistance in Magnetocaloric Epoxy-Bonded La-Fe-Co-Si Composites
Energy Technology 6, 1448-1452 (2018) URL

M.E. Gruner, W. Keune, J. Landers, S. Salamon, M. Krautz, J.Y. Zhao, M.Y. Hu, T. Toellner, E.E. Alp, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende
Moment-Volume Coupling in La(Fe1-xSix)(13)
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 255, 1700465/1-12 (2018) URL

J. Landers, S. Salamon, W. Keune, M.E. Gruner, M. Krautz, J. Zhao, M.Y. Hu, T.S. Toellner, E.E. Alp, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende
Determining the vibrational entropy change in the giant magnetocaloric material LaFe11.6Si1.4 by nuclear resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
Physical Review B 98, 024417/1-14 (2018) URL

S. Thota, M. Reehuis, A. Maljuk, A. Hoser, J.U. Hoffmann, B. Weise, A. Waske, M. Krautz, D.C. Joshi, S. Nayak, S. Ghosh, P. Suresh, K. Dasari, S. Wurmehl, O. Prokhnenko, B. Büchner
Neutron diffraction study of the inverse spinels Co2TiO4 and Co2SnO4
Physical Review B 96, 144104/1-13 (2017) URL

M. Krautz, D. Werner, M. Schrödner, A. Funk, A. Jantz, J. Popp, J. Eckert, A. Waske
Hysteretic behavior of soft magnetic elastomer composites
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 426, 60-63 (2017) URL

B. Weise, K. Sellschopp, M. Bierdel, A. Funk, M. Bobeth, M. Krautz, A. Waske
Anisotropic thermal conductivity in epoxy-bonded magnetocaloric composites
Journal of Applied Physics 120, 125103/1-7 (2016) URL

S. Nayak, D.C. Joshi, M. Krautz, A. Waske, J. Eckert, S. Thota
Reentrant spin-glass behavior and bipolar exchange-bias effect in 'Sn' substituted cobalt-orthotitanate
Journal of Applied Physics 119, 043901/1-12 (2016) URL

A. Gebert, M. Krautz, A. Waske
Exploring corrosion protection of La-Fe-Si magnetocaloric alloys by passivation
Intermetallics 75, 88-95 (2016) URL

S.I. Makarov, M. Krautz, S. Salamon, K. Skokov, C.S. Teixeira, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende, W. Keune
Local electronic and magnetic properties of pure and Mn-containing magnetocaloric LaFe13-x Six compounds inferred from Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetometry
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 48, 305006/1-12 (2015) URL

M. Krautz, A. Funk, K.P. Skokov, T. Gottschall, J. Eckert, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske
A new type of La(Fe,Si)13-based magnetocaloric composite with amorphous metallic matrix
Scripta Materialia 95, 50-53 (2015) URL

S. Nayak, S. Thota, D.C. Joshi, M. Krautz, A. Waske, A. Behler, J. Eckert, T. Sarkar, M.S. Andersson, R. Mathieu, V. Narang, M.S. Seehra
Magnetic compensation, field-dependent magnetization reversal, and complex magnetic ordering in Co2TiO4
Physical Review B 92, 214434/1-10 (2015) URL

M.E. Gruner, W. Keune, B. Roldan Cuenya, C. Weis, J. Landers, S.I. Makarov, D. Klar, M.Y. Hu, E.E. Alp, J. Zhao, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende
Element-Resolved Thermodynamics of Magnetocaloric LaFe13-xSix
Physical Review Letters 114, 057202/1-6 (2015) URL

M. Krautz, J. Hosko, K. Skokov, P. Svec, M. Stoica, L. Schultz, J. Eckert, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske
Pathways for novel magnetocaloric materials: A processing prospect
Physica Status Solidi C 11, 1039-1042 (2014) URL

O.L. Baumfeld, Z. Gercsi, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch, K.G. Sandeman
The dynamics of spontaneous hydrogen segregation in LaFe13-xSixHy
Journal of Applied Physics 115, 203905/1-4 (2014) URL

M. Krautz, K. Skokov, T. Gottschall, C.S. Teixeira, A. Waske, J. Liu, L. Schultz, O. Gutfleisch
Systematic investigation of Mn substituted La(Fe,Si)13 alloys and their hydrides for room-temperature magnetocaloric application
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 598, 27-32 (2014) URL

K.P. Skokov, K.H. Müller, J.D. Moore, J. Liu, A.Y. Karpenkov, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch
Influence of thermal hysteresis and field cycling on the magnetocaloric effect in LaFe11.6Si1.4
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 552, 310-317 (2013) URL

J. Liu, J.D. Moore, K.P. Skokov, M. Krautz, K. Loewe, A. Barcza, M. Katter, O. Gutfleisch
Exploring La(Fe,Si)13-based magnetic refrigerants towards application
Scripta Materialia 67, 584-589 (2012) URL

M. Krautz, J.D. Moore, K.P. Skokov, J. Liu, C.S. Teixeira, R. Schäfer, L. Schultz, O. Gutfleisch
Reversible solid-state hydrogen-pump driven by magnetostructural transformation in the prototype system La(Fe,Si)13Hy
Journal of Applied Physics 112, 083918/1-6 (2012) URL

C.S. Teixeira, M. Krautz, J.D. Moore, K. Skokov, J. Liu, P.A.P. Wendhausen, O. Gutfleisch
Effect of carbon on magnetocaloric effect of LaFe11.6Si1.4 compounds and on the thermal stability of its hydrides
Journal of Applied Physics 111, 07A927/1-4 (2012) URL

D. Geißler, J. Freudenberger, A. Kauffmann, M. Krautz, H. Klauss, A. Voss, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz
Appearance of dislocation-mediated and twinning-induced plasticity in an engineering-grade FeMnNiCr alloy
Acta Materialia 59, 7711-7723 (2011) URL

D. Geißler, K.-H. Mueller, J. Freudenberger, K. Nenkov, M. Krautz, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz
Deformation induced thermoremanent magnetisation in an FeMnNiCr antiferromagnetic alloy
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509, 3726-3734 (2011) URL

J. Liu, M. Krautz, K. Skokov, T.G. Woodcock, O. Gutfleisch
Systematic study of the microstructure, entropy change and adiabatic temperature change in optimized La–Fe–Si alloys
Acta Materialia 59, 3602-3611 (2011) URL

S. Saha, M. Wuppulluri, M. Krautz, J. Thielsch, J. Das, A. Waske, J. Seifert, L. Schinke
Surface modification of La (Fe, Si)13 with copper using dry coating technique for magnetocaloric regenerators
AIP Conference Proceedings () URL

Invited Talks

L. Beyer, B. Weise, A. Funk, A. Waske, M. Krautz
Magnetocaloric materials for cooling applications
KITECH-IFW-KIMS Workshop: "The Development of Advanced Materials Technology for the self-reliance of Materials and Parts" | KITECH, Incheon, South Korea
Incheon, South Korea, 03.12.2019 - 04.12.2019

A. Waske, M. Krautz, S. Fähler
Magnetische Funktionsmaterialien und deren Untersuchung mit zerstörungsfreien Verfahren
Arbeitskreis DGZfP, an der BAM Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 02.02.2019

A. Waske, M. Krautz, A. Funk, B. Weise, J. Eckert
Rapidly quenched and amorphous magnetocaloric alloys
International Conference on rapidly Quenched & Metastable Materials (RQ16), Leoben/ Austria, 27.8.-1.9.17

A. Funk, B. Weise, M. Krautz, G. Potnis, M. Bierdel, M. Haack, K. Sellschopp, A. Waske
Magnetocaloric La(Fe,Si)13: In-situ experiments and fatigue behavior
Colloquium of the Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Leoben/ Austria, 11.3.16

A. Waske, M. Krautz, A. Moehn, K. Skokov, L. Giebeler, O Gutfleisch, J. Eckert
Magnetocaloric Materials
CMAC-Days Promotional Lecture, Krakau/ Poland, 11.12.12

J. Moore, J. Liu, M. Krautz, K. Skokov, C. Teixeira, O. Gutfleisch
La-Fe-Si alloys: From fundamentals to application
Delft Days on Magnetocalorics Workshop, Delft/ The Netherlands, 24.-25.10.11

D. Geißler, J. Freudenberger, A. Kauffmann, M. Krautz, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz
Appearence of dislocation mediated and twinning induced plasticity in an engineering grade FeMnNiCr alloy
Seminar des Instituts fuer Werkstoffwissenschaft, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 6.6.11

K. Skokov, J. Liu, M. Krautz, J. Moore, O. Gutfleisch
Adiabatic temperature change and magneto-volume effect in La-Fe-Si bulk, melt-spun and hydrogenated compounds
MRS Fall Meeting 2010, Boston/ USA, 28.11.-2.12.10

O. Gutfleisch, K. Skokov, M. Krautz, J. Liu, J. Moore
Magnetische Kuehlung: Material-und Prototypenentwicklung
Dresdener Werkstoffsymposium „Werkstoffe der Energietechnik“, Hotel Bellevue, Dresden, 9.-10.10.10